*puts on a long-sleeved shirt, a xxxxl jersey on top, basketball shorts custom-made for shaquille o’neal with leggings underneath, at least five gold chains, a backwards snapback and ridiculous earrings* am I jackson wang yet

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Does anyone else have conversations with themselves, by themselves, in their own heads?!..

It’s how I solve problems.


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She looked gorgeous.
Like I have it on repeat.
But I see people getting mad because she did a Egyptian feel towards the end with a black guy and stuff, whatever. The only reason I didn’t find that offensive is because it wasn’t offensive.
Comparing it to Katy Perry’s dark horse, it’s so not offensive at all, while in Katy’s it looks like Egyptian culture is like a joke to her or something.
Prob gonna get hate for this but whatever. All I’m saying is Hyuna looked hella good and I love the video and song even though the lyrics are really weird. Ok bye.